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    siphone overflow

    im wondering how much flow rate would be enough for a 120 gallon tank and also if its ok to put it at the side as oppose to the back, because due to my inexperience with the sump i put my tank to close to the wall without an internal overflow. i need to keep in mind that i live in an apartment so i dont want anything to big.

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    I would NOT use a siphone overflow. Get the tank drilled. Nothing but headaches if you try and use one, IMO.

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    Can't agree more with Dark.
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    I wouldn't worry so much about overflow as i would about the speed at which your pump can send the water back.
    If your pump sends it back faster then it can come in your sump will run dry (i tried to use a modified pond pump)

    Why so many headaches with external overflow?
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    Please consider drilling the tank.

    I know many people will say siphon overflows are reliable. I ran a siphon overflow for a year and only had a few minor damaging floods. The real problem is that I always had to worry about it and play with it. You never know when a snail or piece of algae will clog it.

    Everytime I pulled away from the house to go on vacation I had to wonder if I would return home to a flood and a dead tank. I would get out of the hobby before I ran another tank like that. There are so many things that can go wrong in this hobby. $30 for a hole in the tank is the best money you can spend.



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