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    Question what supplements???

    Hey this is my first post.. very cool site
    umm well righ tnow i have a 24 gal nanocube
    i wanna know what every reccomends for supplements..
    right now i use a lot of kent products..
    calcium, coral vite, iron, strontium + molybdenum, Tech I
    i have good coralline algea growth
    but i want my corals to flourish lol

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    First off WELCOME !! can't seem to find the welcome icon

    Second - what corals are you planning on keeping ? This will better let averyone know what suppliments to add... I have a mix of SPS's and LPS zoos and softies and only add liquid reacor (calcium) on occation, and phyto feast to the tank every day.

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    o sorry guess knowin the corals would help...
    umm.. Xenia, star polyp, yellow polyp, bulls eye mushroom, some zoo's

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    I use essential eliments and calcium, iodine, stront, molly, and magn
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