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Thread: RO DI Water

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    RO DI Water

    So I know I have to use distilled water. Can't I get just a DI unit to attach to my tap or is it importanto to get an RO unit?

    What's the difference.


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    it is very important that you get the Ro before the DI in a setup or you will just use up your DI resin. Best to have both.
    I bought a setup from AQUASAFE for like $200. I think Ivan here still deals with the supplier. Good solid units.

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    Be forewarned though- some RO units waste a lot of water! Anyone who is on a well with a septic system should be careful. I used just a DI unit for a year while we were on a shallow well with soft water and it was fine. THen we had to have a deep well drilled. That water was too hard for just the DI- it ate up the cartridges too fast. Now we are having a top quality RO unit installed for the kitchen ( hooray!) that has a 1:1 ratio. One gallon of water wasted for every gallon used. But that's about as good as they get.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    I too, am using the Aquasafe 100gpd RO/DI unit.
    It's a great unit, and not expensive at all!

    Highly suggested!!!!
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    I agree that there is waste water but I use it for the washer and plants.

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    hey!! nice avatar johnny

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