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    Under Ground Filters

    Folks I know UGF's are old technology and most expereinced reefers advise against them. I'm currently running a FOWLR tank and may at sometime down the road try some corals. I currently have two Aquaclear pumps an 802 and 402 set up in my tank. They are at opposing ends in the back of the tank. The 402 is nearthe surface and connected to a UGF riser. The 802 is at a deeper depth but also connected to an riser at the other end. I also have a 301 (not connected to any riser) in the back middle of the tank. It is only a few inches from the bottom of the tank. I'm happy with my circualtion - but wondering if I shoould get rid of the Uprisers altogether. I want to know the risks of doing this and just having the 802 and 402 for current. I would still have my 2 inches of CC at the bottom on top of a plenum - is there any risks/advantages of removing the risers?

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    Removing the use of the UGF will cut your nitrates right down. Do you have any live rock in teh system? If you had 1 pound of live rock for every 2 gallons, and a protien skimmer, you could stop using the UGF all together. If you decide to do this, clear a section of Crushed Coral so you can see a portion of the UGF plate. Then siphon out the space under the UGF plate. The debris and stuff under there will cause a real rise in Nitrates if you don't. Your filtering needs (depending on how much livestock is in your tank) can be handles by just the live rock, lots of circulation, and a protien skimmer.

    Add your equipment specs in the area provided in your user profile. It helps everyone give you advice.

    Good Luck
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