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    Kingston Area Club

    Hi, My Name is Lawrence, I posted fliers around town (Kingston) a few months ago to start a Marine Aquarium Club. Our inaugural meeting had 8 people in attendance at the Isabelle Turner Library. We would like to hold our second meeting sometime in late September. One member has already offered to have the next meeting it at his place. If interested please post and I'll set you up on our mailing list. BTW we need a name for our club ... all suggestions accepted so that I can ask the moderators here to include us in the "Club" section of the forums.


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    Thats great news SloHand... let me know when your ready. :thumb:


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    Hey that is great news...I'm in Brockville about halfway from ottawa and kingston.Will these meetings include frag trdaing and equipment?

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    Hi Fishy_Business, absolutely. As a matter-o-fact we were thinking that our next meeting would be a 'garage-sale' format. I know that I have things kicking around that someone else could probably use and I'd like to pick-up a couple things for my next diy project. I'll give u a heads-up when we know the date, time, place etc.

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    Hey SloHand!

    Definitely count me in! I was posting with the question of a Kingston club just a few days ago! We definitely need one (as well as better selection for supplies). Thanks for taking the initiative!

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    I wish I could find a club like that around here montreal area

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    Hi ... here is what some of you will see in the LFS in Kingston ....


    You are invited to attend our next meeting (free of charge!). This is an opportunity for those of us hooked on this hobby (or for anyone interested in starting in the hobby) to congregate to;

    h promote interest in the hobby
    h exchange ideas, share knowledge
    h get advise, seek guidance
    h encourage breeding and proper care of all marine creatures
    h trade frags, support conservation and protect natural reefs
    h and generally just have a great time with those interested in our hobby from seasoned pros to beginners.

    Our theme for this meeting will be a "GARAGE SALE" event, so if you have old parts (powerheads, filters, hoses, pumps, tanks, etc. etc.) bring them along for sale or trade. As this meeting will be being held at one of our member's home we will also be having a BBQ! When you call or email to get directions we'll work out what BBQ items you can contribute KKK. if you can! This is NOT a requirement for your attendance!

    Place : Just North of the 401 off Sydenham Road (email or call for directions)
    Date : Saturday, September 25th, 2004
    Time : 2 PM to KK.

    Please PM me with any questions and I'll email back directions, etc. BTW it's not in the flyer in the stores but it will also be a BYOB affair .... yahoo! Please note ... designated driver required

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