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    how many mh bulbs

    Hey guy's im installing a Mh system to my 70g aquarium. The demention of the tank is 48" long 18" deep 16" wide with a sand bed thats 2 to 3" deep. What I was wondering is if one 250 W 14000k good enough or will I need two bulbs.
    And again thanks for all your help.

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    Two fo sho

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    usually.. think 1mh for 2feet.. about.. so 48" requires 2.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    Yep. 2 are required for 4'. MH doesn't cover the same distance as T-5's or PC's. Also, with the 14K "bluer" lamps you won't get as good penetration.


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    It all depends on what your keeping.

    If it's all sps I'd go with two.

    I have a single 400w on my 100 gallon.48x18x27.

    I can keep a variety of corals.The ones that require less light to the sides.
    100G Reef
    Purple,Blue,Yellow and Sailfin Tangs.Damsel,Clown and Coral Beauty,Fosters Hawkfish.
    Many mixed corals and clams.
    65G fuge in basement.
    Mag 24 return,RODI,2 Phosban reactors and UV.
    620w in DT.

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