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    Looking awesome with the new bulbs!

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    Perhaps your friend's Coral Vue bulbs were simply shot..., and in your case, coralline will not grow in high or intense light. It is probably growing better in your sump because the light is less intense there.

    As with anything else, you should do some research when making a purchase. Also, it is common knowledge that the higher you go in K rating, the less PAR you get. When you haven't used MH lighting yet, this topic can seem somewhat confusing, but once you use it, you get the ang of it and understand more fully. 20K is NOT twice as good as 10K..., period. Yes, a spectrum CAN be measured and yes if you order a 20K bulb, chances are it will be a 20K ( or at the very least..., very close). Once you get to know MH bulbs, it is very easy to know what they are just by looking at them, nevermind measuring them. Using the K rating for advertising is a common thing for sales. However, if you look up the bulb, you can find pretty much all the specs on each bulb. Did you know that your NO lights ALSO have a K rating and Par rating? It's not just MH bulbs that have all this "useless" info.

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