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    Derik i just received a mail from the link you post up there and Frank told me that my tank (36x32x20) would cost 859$ with 1/2 thick acrylic....

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    i got my tank custom bult by Oceanic, and they made me a beautiful stand and canopy to go with it. I prefer to get my tank made by a big professional company behind it rather than some guy in a shop - just the way i am.
    but oceanic did a really great job and were vere helpful with everything.
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    come to think of it I was including the stand and canopy with my 65g I bought 4 years back. $1300. it was an all glass. I guess there really not to bad. like OSD mentioned, its once you move up to custom tanks that it really hurts. WWW.AQUARIUMOBSESED.COM are builders of nice custom tanks.

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    Oceanic is a great tank very well built, That was my first tank. The one i have now is by Clarity Plus its acrylic they do a great job to. I love my new acrylic, rounded corners, blue back and super light, just have to be a little more careful with scratching it.

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