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    Pump Supply Restriction

    Ok everyone lists head at the pressure end of a pump, but how about the inlet?

    If i'm running 2 elbows and 4' of pipe(Horizontal) 1" to a 3/4" input end of a mag 24 am i restricting it's output? Also consider all the above is below waterline including the pipe...

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    You should be OK as long as the pump can not outstrip the supply. Head is only measured on the pressure (out) end of the pump. I however would have played it safe and went with 1.5 inch supply pipe right to the pumps 3/4" reducer.

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    A mag 24 is supposed to move 2400 gallons an hour, I assume. If this is the case, I don't think that there is any way in hell that the full 2400 gph is passing through 4 feet of 1 inch pipe with 2 elbows. If the pump is trying to suck water but can't get enough, it will reduce the pumps head pressure and you will not have full potential flow.
    Like Salty said, I would also go with 1.5 inch piping, I would also put it on the output. 1 inch diameter piping isn't really sufficient for that kind of flow- especially when using a mag which is not pressure rated.

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