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    You would thing they would not sell 9 to one buyer??? The idea with a sale like that is to sell the tank and then sell the equipment needed to run it. You may sell that additional stuff over the next few weeks if not all at once. Whoever it was who sold 9 to one shopper IMO just cost big Al about 300 to 500 in add on sales between here and Christmas. Maybe even more. Not really a good way to do business.

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    I agree with you OSD. While in there I was thinking about what I might need. However, everything I need I can get through Ivan. Unfortunately alot of sales people just sell. No thought is given to add-on sales. etc.

    Come to think of it, they have never suggested any add-on when I have purchased things there. It was make the sale, get to the next customer.
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    Ill agree with you OSD as well, they rely on after purchase sales, just like Sony/MS rely's on the software(games) and accesorie(controllers, mem cards,..) sales for the console(xbox/ps2), but a smart shopper looking out for deals and buying 9 x 75G tanks for a fishroom(what the guy at big al's said he was doing with em anyways...I asked if it was FW or SW, he said FW) I dont think he would return to Big Al's to get more stuff like filters/etc.., he will most likely go elsewhere he can get a great deal, like pretty much anywhere else BUT Big Al's heh.

    Well thats what I would do anyhow...and well do..heh, cause I went buy to pick up 2 x 10G, one for a QT tank on my new setup and another for my sump, 20$ flat(and a few cents) for 2 new 10G, definitly can't go wrong, but asides that and my 20G which I also bought at Big Al's, all my other stuff I buy through Ivan or anywhere else I can get a deal!

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    There's also

    They're on Carling just past Preston. Smaller store than Big Al's, but nicer livestock, and much much cheaper too.

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