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    need advice on 180g tank design

    i currently have a 125g and want to upgrade to a 180g,looking for advice on a couple of things.

    -where should the 2 overflows be,in each corner or a foot in from the corner?

    -should the overflow be retangular box or if in the corner a triangle shape?

    -i plan on using a closed loop system using a dart pump,should i have the glass on the back drilled?

    any advice appreciated

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    Hi Mecka,

    From the looks of it, you're going with a custom tank, right?

    I'm using an AGA MegaFlow 180g. The overflows are oval shaped, about 10" from each side. The only issue I had with the AGA tank is that the holes in the tank are small. The overflow bulkheads are 1", and the returns are 3/4". That said, I am limited there. It's not a problem right now because I have achieved the flow that I need. Besides, and more flow on the return would be a waste.

    My closed loop consists of a Dart pump as well. Keep in mind that the intake on the Dart pump is 2". That makes for a hefty hole to drill. I instead opted to have the intakes come over the back of the tank. I Tee'd the intakes into 2 x 1.5" on each side of the tank so as not to have a monstrous 2" intake in full view. The intakes are right next to the overflow boxes, and blend in with the back of the tank. I love the Dart pump. It provides A LOT of flow. So much that I've had to turn it way down. It's also very quiet.

    Check out the build-up of my tank in this thread.

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    Id say to place your overflows in each corner of the tank, less visible IMO. As for the overflow box, Ive never seen them in triangle shape, always saw them as square but It would also work no problem with it beeing triangle, just as long that you calculate your overflow box area and make sure its big enough for flow or to be able to reach inside in case something gets stuck in there.

    For your closed loop, I would recommend having your tank drilled elswise you will need a siphon overflow to feed your closed loop (unless one of your 2 overflows is beeing used to supply your closed loop). Having the tank drilled also looks much cleaner IMO than having lots of HOB equipment for overflow/return...

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