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    Plumbing Questions

    I'm looking at drilling the new 75G tank I bought and had a couple of questions. SUmp flow is aimed at about 750GPH (Mag 9.5):

    1) I propose to use a 2" bulkhead for the main drain with the hole drilled for a centre-wall overflow. Is it OK to place the hole in the middle of the back wall, about 4" down from the top edge?

    2) I propose a Druso style standpipe. Do I need to run 2" tubing to the sump or could I use 1.5" PVC for the 'body' of the Durso?

    3) The return will be to a Reefrat (3/4" intake size I think). Should I keep the return size at 3/4" or increase it to 1" from the pump and step-it down to connect to the Reefrat?

    4) I am thinking of using Spaflex tubing rather than rigid pipes. I won't need a 50' section but rather smaller amounts of different diameters. Any pointers on where to buy smaller amounts (10-15')? Any interest in a group buy?

    Thanks all.

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    1) middle back is likely okay, but, you need to consider currents. If you have your return in one corner, and the overflow in the middle back, the current generated will flow predominantly from the return to the overflow. You will need to use a closed loop or powerheads in the tank to get current patterns to the rest of the tank.

    2) for 750 GPH, 1.5 should be plenty

    3) There is a little benefit from having the builk of the pipe at 1" then stepping down to 3/4", but, the 3/4" opening will have a greater affect on your flowrate. Again, at 750 GPH, this shouldn't be a big issue either way.

    4) Marinscape, I see you are in Ottawa, will sell you Spaflex by the foot (I don't know the price). They have the 1.5" and 3/4 or 1" for sure.
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    Thanks. I didn't realize that Ivan sold Spaflex (it doesn't seem to be in the on0line catalog). I'll certainly look into that.

    The Reefrat will give an oscillating direction to the return flow from one side to the other. I'm also thinking about a closed loop as a future up-grade.

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    The Reefrats are 1" not 3/4"... so you'll be best running 1" all the way.

    You can get spaflex by the foot at some pool stores. I bought my Spaflex at CLUB PISCINE here in Montreal. 1.5" was $2/ft if I remember, 1" was $1.50/ft.
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    if you go with a 2 inch bulkhead then you will want to use 2 inch hose as well. The water flow is controlled by the smallest diameter opening in the system be it a pump or a drain. I would also keep the drain hole to one side or the other as compared to right in the middle in FULL view .. unless it will be hidden by decor.

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