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    I am using a 175W 14K MH ARC bulb, price is great and I believe its the type of lighting you are looking for Azonic.

    The ARC 10K bulb is more yellow-white and the 14K is more white-blue, I have it alongside 2 x 75W VHO actinics, when I turn on the actinics I just notice them a little over the halide, the halide gives off a very good amount of blue, but most importantly alot of pure white light.


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    heres a lpost I found on another board about those lights...
    : Dr. Mac
    - he is a trusted veterinarian an a hobbyist thats been in the industry for many years. He has very nice selections and colors of corals.... JUST LIKE US!!!

    SECRET TO ACROPORA SUCCESS----XM METAL HALIDE LAMPS!!!! Acropora corals need intense lighting with the correct spectrum and these lamps provide the best light to keep your corals colorful and healthy.

    Why are these lamps so good??

    They are designed specifically for reef tank use and provide great intensity and spectrum!! I use them and recommend them for all Acropora corals to achieve the best coloration. You will notice that I do not sell many dry goods, but I use these lamps myself with great results and I buy them in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

    For years I had used and recommended the 20,000K Radium lamps and experienced great coral color with these lamps. However, the Radiums must be changed at least every 6 months otherwise they turn yellow and lose intensity, and they tend to be less intense than other lamps even when run on electronic ballasts.

    The XM lamps have a perfect blue-white color, shift much less in color and intensity as they age, and can be run on standard or electronic ballasts.

    I have switched all my Radiums to XMs after testing them for 9 months. I now get even better coral color and greater useable lamp life. About as close to the perfect Metal Halide lamps possible.

    For intense color in Acropora and other SPS type corals my experience is that very intense light with a more blue spectrum is best, these lamps provide that requirement extremely well!! Try them once and you'll love'em.

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    Came from AndrewNS...very good link.

    click on the 250 Watt MH testing right hand side

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    400w PFO 13K. best lamps to date for me. the VENTURE 10K actually are really nice and are exactley the same as my 13k.
    I'm waiting for AC to get there 400w ARC 14K lamps as I'd like to try that as well.

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    I also think the PFO 13k's are the best ones I've tried... I have also seen XM 10k's and think they are nice but your going to need actinics to get the blue color your looking for... The ARC lamps are very low priced... they are new to the market and the manufacturer is willing to work with us on change requests... only time will tell if they can stand up to the reefers demands.


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    Anyone have any PAR values on the ARC bulbs? Everything I've read says the XM 10k's are the most intense
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    I looked all over the net for ARC bulbs. No luck.

    Just an observation. The higher the PAR value the less blue the spectrum will be.

    I use the PFO 13K for the colour with 2 40 W no actinics.

    The trade off with the PFO is they have a great colour very low PAR .

    IMO if you are trying to have a frag grow out operation PFO are probally not the way to go.

    If you are OK with average growth and all looking purley for colour then PFO are great.

    Something in the middle would be Hamilton

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    I used to always use 20k only and did a few different types. Over the past year, I have been trying the 20k and 10k XM's and I LOOOVE the 10k XM's. I will soon be changing my bulbs out and will once again, use only 10k XM's. As IJO mentioned, you'll need to mix in some actinic though, but that goes for any temp. bulb. I really like how these bulbs have given my corals some crazy colors. And yes, it does look a lot brighter and kinda resembles the sun, at least that is what reefmutt has mentioned to me.

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    I'm very happy with the look I have using my 2 x 250 10K ventures. It's nice light.

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    I'm going to pick up a PFO 13k 400w for my 90gal.
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