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    OSD, yep, those 10k VENTURES are the same 250w PFO 13K
    I,really like PFO but since I need 4 lamps I'll be trying different types. I'll throw on a XM as well as the ARC lamp when the 14k arrives.

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    Originally posted by Toutouche
    I used to always use 20k only and did a few different types. Over the past year, I have been trying the 20k and 10k XM's and I LOOOVE the 10k XM's. I will soon be changing my bulbs out and will once again, use only 10k XM's. As IJO mentioned, you'll need to mix in some actinic though, but that goes for any temp. bulb. I really like how these bulbs have given my corals some crazy colors. And yes, it does look a lot brighter and kinda resembles the sun, at least that is what reefmutt has mentioned to me.
    You've just sold me on the XM 10K's.
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