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    Dream lighting system

    Hey guys

    my reef tank has been setup for 3 mnths now (48*18*21) 65g, and i still havent got around to starting the canopy. At the moment i have 1 250w hqi m/h over the centre (on 4hrs/day) and a 48" 260W corallife Aqualite over the front (on 12-16 hrs/day)

    Ok so instead of building a canopy and installing m/h vho and moonlights, (Which will probably never happen, spending too much time looking at the tank) i'm thinking of buying a manufactured lighting hood which incorporates all these components.

    i would like the system to be able to be used on a 90 or larger as i will probably be ugrading in a year or two, So i shall probably require 2 250W m/h.

    Budget i would think no more than $1500 and even less would be better, although i do believe you get what you pay for, energy efficient as possible.

    So i was just wondering what you guys thought, comments, suggestions, all welcome and gratefully received, thanx


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    At $1500.0 ??? ... limp through for a while until the LEDs come out. Hopefully not too long away.

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    $1500 on lights? You could get 2 of these:

    With bulbs.

    1 would be enough I would think.

    I'm hoping Ivan can get something similar, that's what I'm after for my 90.

    For the difference in price, hire a carpenter to build you a canopy !

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    Dream lighting system…..hmmmm.
    There is only one system I consider as described above.
    Aqualine Buschke brand Aqua Spacelight. Not negotiable.

    Here is link from Marine Depot but if you search a bit around you will see what I am talking about.

    They have only one minor/major disadvantage: I can’t afford them. (I did buy lottery ticket so never say never).

    BTW LED light for marine aquariums is 3-4 years away. Once you see them as car headlights you may start seeing them as alternative in our hobby. Even then it will take years of testing and some more testing before it come above our tanks.
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    Hey Krugar, that's a perfect setup! I was looking at getting the Corallife 260 watts from Ivan....but if I have the $$ when it's time to buy I might just look for the MH/VHO combo.

    ps. Steve-isn't the 48x18x21 tank 75 gallons?
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    Dream lighting huh?

    Only one word comes to mind....

    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    only the best

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    wow tang man that is ridiculously expensive....and they are in montreal??

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    That guy is STILL at it??.. that's all you need to know .

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    you mean your suprised hes still in the business rob?

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