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    kewl keep me posted!! if you want you could probably run 6-8 NO bulbs also but they can get expensive also so not totally sure it would be worth it but like i stated before 4 NO works just fine good growth and nice color

    Tank: 77gal reef, deltec AP600 skimmer, 440W VHO lighting.
    Livestock:Coral beauty, Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, magenta dottyback, 3 stripe damsel, yellow tail damsel, coral banded shrimp

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    If you ever drive by Fredericton dont be shy to stop to my house either.....I only have a 40 gallon tank but ive lots of really cool equipement

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    Thought of you too. But you cant be in that frozen camp. My folks live in Moncton and we travel through Freddy a couple times a year as well. Sue and I call Saint John home, though I dont get there much any more. I know we have at least one reefer from there on the board.

    Hee, hee. Just realized I hijacked my own thread. Oh well.

    I like cool equipment. I live by the saying "he who dies with the most toys wins". You should see my "hobby" woodworkiong shop. I am well on my way to winning now that I got into the reef hobby.
    180g with 2 x 54g corner bowfront bookends. 220 FOWLR in the works, 75g sump, 75g fuge, 75g QT.
    Solaris I4 72", 2 x 150 HQI Outer Orbit Pendants, Reeflo Orca 250, Profilux controller, Tunze 6101's and 6055's, Deltec CA Rx, PM Kalk Mixer, PM SR45 reactors.

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