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    Reflector placement

    I have bought 2x24" PFO parallel reflectors to mount over a standard 75G tank. Each relfector has a mogoul socket. Now, the dumb question: Would you mount them so the the mogul sockets hang over the centre brace or over the R/L edges?

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    mmm I guess I would hang the mogul on the outside so that I can run the cord directly out the side of the canopy and down/out to the ballast. If in the center then you'd probally have to run the cord along the canopy and then out the sides. I guess this also depends on if its a 2 side viewing tank.
    also, I figure there would be a dull spot in the center if you ran the moguls over the brace. I'd rather have dimmer spots on the sides of the tank. try it out, easy to remove.

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    I agree..., sockets on the L/R sides.

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