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    Just Purchased remora pro w/mag 5

    Excellent skimmer, been running for a week and doing pretty good, producing a rather light liquid in the cup. When compared to my sealcone which used to skim out literally guck but needed constant adjustment. IS this skimmate normal for the aqua c?

    One thing to consider about this skimmer is that is extremely noisy, but by simply putting a towel over the unit
    quiets it down. What i want to try is insulating the skimmer for even less noise, and have a lot of tiny bubbles in the tank, if someone knows how to get rid of some of these bubbles with out the use of the filter box. Thanks

    Since my seaclone used to skim out real gunk should i run the skimmer also?

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    You need to adjust the height of the collection cup until you get the kind of skimate that you want. The higher it goes, the dryer it will be.

    I found that mine quieted down after a while, but it was never very noisy at all...maybe the mag is louder than the maxi.

    The bubble will also go away after a couple weeks. If you still have some, you'll have to get the bubble trap.

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    If I remeber correctly, the manufacturing process for the skimmer makes it somewhat less efficient when starting up for the first month. Something about a residue of the plastic. I may be wrong though. Don't be too surprised if it gets better as time goes by. :
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    The higher you put the collection cup, the darker and the thicker the gunk.

    I love my Remora Pro. Mine is in my sump, so bubbles are not an issue. The only noice comes from the Mag5 pump.

    I once had a Seaclone. It has been in my closet ever since I got the Remora.To be honest, my Remora takes out an average of about 5 times the gunk my Seaclone took out.
    My tank is grateful for it too.

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    ditto for me on the SeaClone experience. I've got the collection cup on my Remora set halfway and it pulls about 1 inch worth of dark liquid every second day. I also clean the uptube with a paper towel every time I empty the cup and that seems to allow a better foam head to be supported.

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