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Thread: 75 gallon

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    The eagle has landed, Santa has performed yet an other miracle! The 75 is home. Thanks for telling me to go for it Volitan and Nickb!

    Im actualy prety glad that I got the 75, I was about to back down and get a 55 or something... The size is cool, decent depth to hight ratio, will look good in a reef
    The one thing is its not drilled, I guess Ill have to upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good deal, 160$ tax in!

    Surely I can handle getting one or 2 work horses for now or even the thaught of upgrading to two 400W is prety awesome! The acros will love it:biggrinbo

    Thanks Mutt, that sounds prety cool about the powerheads and timers, got to do that, what the SPS need is what they will get! I eventualy want to create a surge in the tank, thats probably something they like too, a WAVE of current!! When you say to use vinnegar to desolve the top layer, what do you mean? Ive got the stuff in buckets right now and its realy quite fine particles, almost dust. What should I do to not lose it all as Im rincing it?

    Thanks again dudes.

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    well, I'm not qiute sure how to wash it- and I don't even know if it is necessary. But if you do, make a diluted vinegar solution and then add it to small amounts of sand (like 1/5 of a bucket or something), let it sit for an hour or so and then dump the water and rinse well. Stir it up in the buckets, let it settle and then dump the water.

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    Good idea thanks! I dont know how much gunk is in there but it might not even be nessesary I guess.

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