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Thread: any suggestions

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    any suggestions

    i have recently encountered a problem with algea after a whole year with out it.i have lots of encrusting algea and some hair algea havent change any parameters do have a little nitrate though use r/o water,temp 79-80 salinity 1.024-25 calcium at 430, use 1 x Mh 17510000k, 2 x 40 watt actinics, 2 x 10000k flourescent 40 watts filter skilter 400.have only 2 fish but lots of differenty coral,1400 lbs of fiji live rock,no substrate as lots of coraline algea.question still remains it is growing on my good rock not easy to get off? i always remove algea i have scraped off. also water change every 2 weeks 20 gal.

    any ideas would be appreciated thanks


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    how old are your lights? any brown hair algae? i use a dish brush. works awesome.

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    I was going to ask the same question, age of lamps.what about your filters?? are you checking them with a TDS meter?

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