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    Lighting Help

    I am currently running NO flourescents (yeah I want to upgrade) and am having trouble with my new Philips bulbs. The 4' are 36w and the 2' are 18w instead of the standard 40w and 20w.

    I have been using standard fixtures (shop fixtures from CT) and they have worked with the other 40w bulbs in the past. They seem to work in some fixtures but not others, I even had a brand new one here and they didn't work in that.

    Any ideas?

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    mmm your question is sorta unclear?? theres many type of ballasts and they all have there setup configurations. for instance, some run T12 lamps, or T8.there made also specifically for a certain length of lamp.
    are you saying you ran a 4 foot T 12 lamp on that ballast and you try'd to run another [philips] 4 foot T12 and it didn't work?? as long as its exactly the same T12 and footage it should work regadless of brand. T12 are the big fat thick lamps. T8 are a little thinner.
    check your ballasts rating as well. from what I can tell you went to an LFS and bought actual aquarium lamps instead of the standard lamps. it should still work anyways just remember that I think MARINEGLOW and POWERGLOW lamps are T8 and therefore might not work on some ballast.
    time to switch to an ICECAP 660 VHO
    p.s, are you using water proof endcaps?????

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    Sorry for the confussing post. I have given up trying to understand why I am having problems and will upgrade slowly.

    I currently have NO lights over all my tanks except my 25g, so I will start upgrading here. I will be making this the home for my 2 clowns, and an anemone in the future.

    It was suggested that 2 compact 50/50 flourescents would be enough for this. What would be a good choice, cost is a factor currently on this tank and could be upgraded later.
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    Just for info sake.
    The referance of T5, T8 and T12 all concerns the thickness of the bulb in 8th's of an inch. For example, a T5 is 5/8", a T8 is 8/8" or 1", and aT12 is 12/8" or 1 1/2".

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