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    Re: conflict PC and X-10 ???

    Originally posted by Carolpol
    K I need your help guys and gals!!!

    Got the gravity fed fuge set up and Chris picked up a PC light for it. Problem is it's making our X-10 go crazy!!!! grrrrrrr we tried the "surgery" suggested here :
    and putting something else in parrallel but no go! either the PC fires when it's supposed to be off or the x-10 cannot communicate with anything else or the pc light flashes constantly on the off position! Right now the power compact is on a wall timer on a plug that is on a different braker, it works for now but would really rather have everything on the x-10s
    Has anyone ever had that problem and how did you adress it?

    Thanks in advance!
    I was initially getting interference with my x10's, mh's on/off at wrong times etc. but all I had to do was neaten up all my excess cords, generally coil and seperate individual cords as much as I could.. Haven't had a problem since.

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