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    Unhappy Sump help

    I want to use a 33g sump for my 90g tank but my tank is not drilled what i would like to know is how to go about plumbing this so i don't have a flood in my house. Thanks any help or tips will be greatly apprieciated

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    If you can't get it drilled, then you will need some type of overflow to get the water out of the tank and draining to the sump. You can't do this with a pump - the only pump should be on the return line from the sump to the main tank. Rather, you need something which uses a syphon to flow water over the tank rim and into the drain.

    You could make your own 'weir' or overflow ( There are also a number of commerically available ones: CPR, SOS, etc. J&L carry the CPR line. I don't know if IJO carries any of these in the AC store.

    FOr general information about sumps, Melev's site is great:

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