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Thread: ro / di units

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    ro / di units


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    I highly doubt that thing cost $600 retail and they're selling it for $60. Either this product has the highest markup in history or this guys full of S%&*. Its probably one of the cases where you get what you pay for.

    Seems like for his responses the other customers who bought it are happy.
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    I once enquried some retail stores about installing RO system at my home. Yes, it did cost you in $500 range with installation charge.

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    Yeah, with a pressure tank, countertop faucet, etc., they can run $450 plus. Add another $100 if you need a pressure booster pump.

    Not to say anyone should ever pay that much, but, that price isn't unheard of.
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    It "is" unheard of for just the unit though..., especially online!!!

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