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    Calcium Reactor Location

    Being that the use of a calcium reactor is new to me I have a few questions.
    1 - Can this unit be located below the sump?
    2 - I am sure I read that the output of the unit should go into the same chamber where the skimmer picks up its water. Is this correct?
    3 - The CO2 unit supplies CO2 to this reactor .. Correct?


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    co2 must be supplied to the reactor for it to drop the ph inside the reactor and thus dissolve the media.
    For better removal of co2 coming out of the reactor, you can, but don't have to direct the reactor effluent towards the skimmer. I'm not sure if this is a real concern, but I've always worried about putting All the the reactor water through the skimmer because the effluent usually has a calcium level around 600ppm and and alkalinity of about 40. The only reason this water is chemically stable is because the ph is around 6 or so. Adding this water to a skimmer will rapidly remove co2 which will in turn rapidly raise the ph, which MAY cause the calcium to precipitate. I don't run ALL of my reactor effluent through my skimmer. The effluent runs into my sumps befor being picked up by the skimmer....
    The reactor should be located below the water line of whateve vessel it is getting water from. This is to prevent the possability of the reactor emptying due to gravity. This won't necessarily happen, but it could happen, so why chance it?

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    Well that's good news then because my reactor will have to be completely below my sump due to space issues and I was not sure if it would be an issue. I also will soon be drilling the holes in my sump for the various equipment that will be a part of the setup and don't want to mess up the hole locations.

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