I was wondering if anyone has tried these new bulbs. I know the current view of CoralVue (no pun intended) is that their bulbs are of low quality, however there has been talk about their new Reeflux being like their "old" 10k blubs, which I happen to be running.
Their old bulbs, and Tang_man can confirm this, are very white, I would even go so far as to say they put out some of the whitest light I have seen from a MH. They are very similar to an XM 10k.
I tried to use an XM on my electronic ballasts (which also happen to be CoralVue) but it would not fire. Tang_man tested the XM bulb for me and it worked fine on his ballast at home. So in an effort to not have to go out and buy new ballasts, I want to give the Reeflux a try.
Does anyone have a Reeflux kicking around that they didnt like, or that they no longer use that I might be able to try? Or one they would like to trade for a new (minus 1 day test) XM 250w 10k?