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    Green Ball On My Rock

    I was just looking in my tank and noticed what looked to be bubble algae. It is just one single ball, and is darker in color then what I have seen online.

    I was going to remove it, but it is rather hard and really stuck on the rock.

    That is sort of what it looks like, but darker and there is just one.

    Ideas on removal, and also is there anything else it could be?


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    If it's what I have in my tank don't try to remove it unless it's falling off. If you break it, it is full of spores and they will spread all over your tank.
    Mike Philpott

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    bubble alage, don't break it, spores and toxins

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    if u think about it its kinda weird, don't the emerald crabs have to pop the algae inorder to eat it, would that not in turn spread the algae?

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    My thought exactly :confused-

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    I think it is like anything else. Few natural predators will totally eliminate their target. What they do is "control" it.

    Emerald crabs eat Valonia Algae. But, there is always some left. It neither spreads completely nor is wiped out.

    The same seems to be true for Aiptasia and other pests.
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