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    Advice and starter

    I would like to buy an Hawaiian Feather Duster for my 20g.
    I'm told that I need to supply food for it and that phytoplankton is about the best I can give it and that I can also culture my own phytoplankton (If I can get a starter culture.)

    Any advice on any of this would be greatly appreciated.
    And if anybody as phytoplankton I could use as a starter culture that would be great!

    I'm in the Gatineau/Hull area.

    P.S. I'm french so I never make any typos......they are actual mistakes :sorry:
    I'm not in a rush.....but I am on a budget! :bigcry:

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    Ivan sells Phyto for 15$ a liter.

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    You can get phyto starter kits online, but, honestly, to feed a feather duster it would be a lot of work for little benefit. In captivity worms don't last forever and their diet changes over time.

    Nelson, from this site, held a MASO and I got a photo of his setup for phyto:

    This is a nice compact setup and uses 4x2 litre bottles. You might be able to drop that to 500 ml bottles, but, there is a process to follow every day to two days. If you can buy phyto from Ivan, you are probably better off. It won't be as beneficial as fresh from your own setup, but, much better than nothing.
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    I have had many feather dusters over the years, and never fed one anything. They lived for a long time each and then died. No need to go crazy with this speciamen.

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    whenever i try feather dusters, my crabs usually finish them of within a few days. i culture phytoplankton to feed my clams but if you can get it for $15 a litre that would be the way to go.

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