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    I was just wondering about feeding my creatures. I've been feeding them about a cube of brine shrimp, and a piece of lettece a day. I have a tang, shrimp, clown, pj cardinal, green brittle star, and a green carpet anome. Plus crabs, snails, and all that jazz. I was just wondering if that is too much food or not enough. The guy I bought the tang, shrimp, clown, and pj cardinal he was feeding them a half a cube of brine shrimp a day. Is that enough or not. Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance... :b2:

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    i'd probably feed then a little more of something else as well. Maybe some flake. There's not alot of nutritional value in brine.
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    you should try to keep them well feed or the green brittle ( AKA green death ) and carpet anemone may start eating your fish :b13:

    maybe try alternating the brine shrimp with some mysis to get some extra protein, or even a good quality flake.

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    Spirulina is a good food to feed your fish. In fact, it has been the main food I use now for probably about 10 years.
    I would stop giving the lettuce to your fish as it cannot be PROPERLY digested by salt water fish, and lacks value that you can give to them by feeding something like pieces of nori cut from a sheet and placed in a food clip.
    Nori can be found in Salt stores, or, in my case I buy the plain, unspiced packages of Nori from a local Asian food market.
    As for how much to feed, other than food in a clip, I put in enough food in each tank so that it takes the inhabitants about 3 minutes to clean it up, and do this twice a day. Some others use an amount that can be cleaned up in five minutes.

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