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    Micro algae question

    I've pick up live rock for my 25gal.Having a bit more knowledge in this hobby i scrape off the "bubble algae" and shoot 2 aptasia with vinegar.Now i need to know if this micro algae is a good thing to keep in the tank,or i should scrape it off and put it in the sump instead?
    The first one looks like small leafs and the second looks like some pinkish strings(remember me snail poop)...but it's attached to the rock.

    Thanks for any help!
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    first pic looks like caulerpa to me. to the sump, if you plan to keep it.
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    I had some of that stuff from the 1st pic when I got my 65g going. I was all excited as this was the first sign of growth ;-)

    The CuC took care of it and I've never seen it since.

    As for the pink stuff, it reminds me of some strange coraline formation that I saw over at redbelly's.
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    Is the stuff in the second pic hard?
    If it is that a lucky find!
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    Thanks for the comment/advices.Very much appreciated.I'm still not sure about the "algae" in the first pic.I tried to look up caulerpa and mine looks like it has different leafs.At a later date i'll add a cuc and see what happend.
    Yes the "stuff" in the second pic is hard.It does have the same color as coraline.Does that stuff grows? Does it have a name?
    I'm happy to have that in my tank :b13:

    Thanks all!
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    we've seen a few posts like this in the last months.. the rock probebly comes from the same areas..( i'm assuming ) I say don't destroy these beautiful plants.

    I'd even suggest to put it in your system, if it becomes aggressive or you think its going to spread, pull it out and put it in your sump instead. or offer it for sale.. i'm sure someone will jump on it.

    also, some tangs or other fish may also take care of this "problem" for you

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