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    Expensive snacks anyone!?!

    I know it happens regularly if you have any semi-aggressive inhabitants in your tank...

    How many of you have lost a beautiful/expensive treat to your tank?

    So far after running our tank for the better part of a year(with a few tank upgrades), We have lost 2 fish. Not to illness but to other hungry inhabitants!
    We had a yellow blenny real cute little guy about and inch long. Spent all day acclimatizing him to our tank and as soon as he was droped in became an expensive meal for our anemone(not our original intentions he just swam a little close i guess).
    We also lost a yellow chromis or damsel cant realy remember to our very hungry brittle star. I do beleive he may have had some predatory help from some of the larger shrimp(coral bandid or the pepermint) Still not sure who was the actual culprit but he had to have help of some sort as the little yellow guy was fast and strong. We had named him Sketch cuz he never stayed still ever.

    So anyone else feed there tank expensive fish...?

    Ha ha ha ha Ok I know its not that funny but you have to laugh it off or you'll just be pissed off at your other fish.LOL. You know the ones eating the others.

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    It happened to me back in the freshwater days... I had purchased 30 neon tetras(I think thats what they are called)... very small fish with a bright blue line down the middle. I can't remember what other fish i had in there other than a black knife but after a couple of days... all of them were eatten :/


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    So far so good other than blue legged hermits eating snails. Have caught the coral banded shrimp (CBS) stalking the perc at night a few times. Perc is safe, he's hosted the mag which is up nice and high.
    Soon as my sump is set up.. this chick's doing some housecleaning! Into the sump with the blue legged hermits, CBS and the chocolate chip stars..
    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!

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    I lost some not so expensive fish (4 green chromis) to what I believe to be a nasty crab. But I think I fixed his wagaon just the other day with a skewer through the back. There was no way he was to be caught, I just happeded to get lucky with the spot he was in. I had not actually seen him for more than a year.

    On the other hand I have had $100 blue throated trigger fish jump out of the tank, it was the third time when I was not home that did him in.
    Had a $100 wrasse jump out after 1.5 years, a couple of fire fish and a few more that I have trouble remembering anymore.

    The hobby is expensive enough, so it hurts a bit when that happens.

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    No kidding a t 100$ a pop those are some expensive jumpers! Did you buy a lid after...? LOL

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