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    Green hair algea

    I'm starting to get alot of green hair algea on the sides of the tank mostly where the powerheads are pointing, i have a bit on the one of the rocks.

    My water parameters are good. except for my calcium which is low and nitrate being at 5.

    Nitrate= 5 ppm
    Calcium= 325 Mq
    Alkalinity= 2.74 Mq
    SG = 1.025
    Hardness = 7.6 dKh
    Temp = 80 F
    Phosphate = o ppm

    I have two MJ 1200 powered 8 hours apart, one Korillia 2 and one korillia 3 power heads both running at the same time pointing in the same direction one at the front the other at the back of the tank. One of the MJ 1200 cuts across the curretn from the Korillia's and the other against the current.

    I did replace the lighting a month or so ago. Just seems to grow faster.

    Does anyone have recommendations?

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    what size system is it??

    whats your bioload like??

    how old were the bulbs and did you change the brand / spectrum??

    what water are you using??

    do you have a refugium??

    do you have a PO4 / AC reactor??

    the easiest answer is usually to cut back on your photoperiod and reduce excess nutrients, through less feeding and nutrient export ( reactor / refugium / RODI / etc...... ). oh yeah and daily trimming and removal by hand.


    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

    Return Pump: Little Giant 4-MDQX SC
    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

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