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    Green grape algea

    I seem to be having some green grape algae problems, I'm not sure if there is something I Can do about this?! Iv tryed keeping my water changes regular 2x a week for my 30 gal reef, about 10% changes each time.

    Is there any other way than just ripping it out by hand!!


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    I would remove as much as you can by hand and add emerald crabs (4 of them).


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    I delt with the exact same problems in the past, my solution was a high magnesium content as well as ripping out as much of it as often as possible.
    of course, water changes will help for sure. Are you using RODI water ? if so, when did you last clean it ? that could contribute to that bloom. also adjust your feeding ( lowering it ) or perhaps looking at what you give them and evaluate their content in phosphates amonghts other things. also look at your fish populations ( too many fish wont help )

    hope this helps :b2:

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    ok so a little update...

    i got two emeralds/ probably going to get two more soon, they were so expencive 15$ a piece, so i'm gunna wait. i think i'v seen them around 10$ anyways, they are having a field day eating all the algae in my tank. iv tryed to rip as much of the green grape algae out as possible but iv never seen this stuff so small, every time i try and rip a piece out it breaks off at the tip when i'm holding it.
    Oh the JOyS! :b6:
    i have also a concern, i recently read in a thread on here that they bought emerald crabs and they started eating all their coraline algae?? is this true? i would be pretty dissapointed but i would deal with it if they got rid of my algae problems.

    all experiences are greatly appreciated

    i guess i could let you know what is in my tank too hehe.
    as follows.

    1X RBTA (pretty substantial size/ for a 30 gal.)
    2X Ocelaris clown
    1x starry blenny
    1x yellow watchman goby
    1x royal gramma
    lots of rock / to the top
    cleaner shrip
    2x emerald crabs
    1x hermit crab
    1 snail

    green brain
    button polyips <- i know i spelled that wrong.
    2 kinds of Acan / red and green (unsure of the names)
    candycane coral
    a couple leathers

    i know this is alot of stuff for a 30gal it's been like this for 1 year now everything is stable, water is fine. all corals are pretty small, nothing seems to be stressing out
    i do water changes 1-2X weekly 10% each time.

    once again thanks you

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