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    diy phyto cultivation

    Hi, over the next month i would like to start my own nannochloropsis phyto culture station and am wondering if i should order my own cultures or just start with maybe some already started green juice from another reefer. I realize i will need to on-line order the fertilizer and thinking i may as well order the cultures along with it. After doing some reading i guess there is a place in florida that ships this to canada but the link i found for them on a web page seems to be dead. Anyone have any links to companies i can order through to get started? What i want as an end result is to be able to always have a on-hand supply for my own use on the 180g reef. From the reading i've done i've yet to find any examples as to how much of a production i will need to do to keep a constant turnover for my 180g. I would prefer to have only the needed amount of bottles on the go to self sustain my needs as i dont want to have to dispose of excess. I realize this will depend on how much i will be going through on a every other day feeding basis and again this is another mystery at this time. Your insight and help would be appreciated, tks Jeffd

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    I'm thinking of trying to do this too. IJO can order algae discs from Reef Crew. You might talk with him about your needs.

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    Alexandria, VA moving to Montreal
    I don't know where you are located, but I have 2 gallons of Kent F2 fertilizer concentrate. 10ml of concentrate makes 5 gallons of solution. I could probably spare some. If you are near Montreal, send me a PM.


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    JeffD... we carry all of reefcrews products... check out I'll be placing another order next week.


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    Bvoss, i am in Ottawa. I'll check with Ivan as i'll probably get the disks and start the process from scratch. Thanks

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    Can;t Beat Brians ( Over at reefcrew) Service !

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    Cool JEFFD

    another idea would be to start more than 1 type of phyto as its being doccumented that having more than 1 is better as different corals utilize the different types and sizes.The plankton in the ocean is made up of tons of different phytos.
    I was interested in this at one time but decided to go with
    LIQUIDLIFE BIO has these following algeas:

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    If you are looking to start your own culture you are actully better off with phtoplankton that is already mature. Rather than starting from an aglae disk.

    What you will need is a 1 liter bag of Nano and 1 f/2 fertilizer. Full instructions can be found on the Reef Crew web site as well as all the materilas you will need.

    To address your question as to how much you will need to have going at any givin time.. it will depend on a few factors. The fisrt, what do you have in your tank that will be consuming the phyto. If you have a lot of filter feeders and soft coral you will need to feed more than if your tank is mostly SPS. Do you have a refugium? if yes yo may need to feed more due to the organizims contained within.

    You will also find that as time goes by your tank will consume more phyto then when you started as the organisims within your tank will multiply quicker due to the food addition.

    You should also count on a bottle or 2 crashing at some point for a lot of different reasons. if you have just enough in production and you have a crash then you will be short. better to have a bit extra then not enough.

    You may also want to look at a Rotifer culture down the road. If you have the extra phyto then you just feed it to the Rotifers.

    I would say if you were to get about 6 bottles going you can have a different bottle mature about every other day, in a 180 you can easily feed a half liter or more every other day.

    Hope this helps. In any case when you know what you want just let IJO know and he will place the order for you.
    Your Source For Live Marine Food

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    Was wondering Johnny
    where did you get LIQUIDLIFE BIO PLANKTON ?
    Also does anyone know where to get golden pearls I believe they are called.
    I have came across many people mentioning them and wanted to give them a try.

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    The best cultures I've ever done (most dense, hardy and bright green) are the ones I'm running now. They were started with live phyto from ReefCrew. I've done them from the FAF disks and from other reefers cultures. Nothing works better for good fast results as the ReefCrew cultures.

    I'm just running three 2L bottles right now but that gives me enough to feed my tank a full 2L a week. Works for me.

    I have some simplified information about culturing phyto and rotifers on my website.

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