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Thread: chaeto?

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    Hello everyone, I've been over at reefcentral for quite a while and was just referred here by a member there named sjvl51. It's great to find a site with Canadian aquarists!
    I have been reading over the posts here and am trying to figure out how everyone got chaetomorpha. Did a LFS get it in and now everyone shares it? I haven't seen it for sale yet here in Calgary and all of the online stores I tried told me that they are unable to ship it across the border into Canada. Any suggestions on where I could find it? Thanks for your help.
    - Chad

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    Hi Chad

    Here I'm vjvl51. Glad to see that you made it. I suggest a PM to IJO (owner of Aquaria Canada). He is usually very good at ordering in things for us. Ivan may also respond here as well.


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    Welcome aboard Chad! Vickie is right, Ivan (IJO) can probably get you some chaetomorpha and most anything else you want. I'm glad you found us, I'm sure you'll like it here. Many of us are also Reef Central members but this place is just more homey or something.

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    Thanks for the referral Vickie!
    And thanks for the warm welcome Susan - there does seem to be something special about this site.
    - Chad

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    You may also want to check out they have a section for Calgary reefers and I think that someone there may have some cheato in their system

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