I have some frozen phytoplankton (about the size of brine shrimp) and I was wondering if I can thaw it and then squeeze the juices out (with a garlic press or something) and use it to feed the Dendro?? (It says Phytoplankton on the package, though I was under the impression that phyto was smaller and that zooplankton was larger. Is it possible to have phyto this big?)

At the moment I'm stirring the DSB, just a little, just behind where it sits in a cave, so that the P/H pushes the Nitrates towards it, and it seems to open more when I clean the glass, but they need alot more food.
It has opened significantly since I bought it and I've had to increase the size of the cave twice, and it looks like I'll have to again soon as it's touching the sides again.

Here's a pic.