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    Exclamation Looking for Live food

    Hi people, I'm new here. I have two tropical aquariums with species such as Tetras, Guppies, Zebra Danios...

    I am looking to buy some live food like Tubifex worms, blood worms, brine shrimp so if any of you would sell this stuff at low prices, I'm looking to buy some.

    Tubifex worms I could not find anywhere in Ottawa, and other live food I had trouble finding. So far my fish had to do with flake food.

    I live in Kanata, west Ottawa. Contact me as soon as possible.
    Thanks and I'm looking forward to buy what you sell.

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    What's wrong with using frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis, frozen blood worms, etc............?
    I sell live brine shrimp but you wanted something cheap, and live brine are definitely not cheap, especially when you have to pay for shipping.
    Check with the local stores as they may be able to help you set up to grow your own worms of various types.

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