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    Clean Up Crew feedback

    Hi folks,

    I've had my 55 gallon up and running for close to 1 1/2 years. It currently has 4 fish - a purple firefish, 2 false percs and a blue velvet fairy wrasse. It has a shallow sand bed and about 80 pounds of live rock. I just started with some beginner corals - a mushroom, cabbage, and button polyps. Anyway, I'm quite happy with everything right now but was looking for some feedback on my clean up crew. I have 2 peppermint shrimp, 1 cleaner shrimp, 2 emerald crabs, approx 10 hermit crabs, approx 10 Margarita snails, 10 Astrea snails, 8 Nassarius snails, 2 trochus snails, 5 cerith snails, 5 bumble bee snails and 4 turbo snails. Finally, I recently added a Long spine urchin. What do you think - is this good variety and creatures to clean a 55 gallon.

    p.s. I know these urchins eat coraline algae - but I don't really have a concern with that - he's also doing a job on some unwanted hair algae for me.

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    That looks like a good mix of critters you have there. You will know if you have enough of them based on how the tank looks. There is a rule of thumb but no 2 tanks are the same or have the same cleanup needed. IF everything looks good than your likely close to if not already balanced as far as cleanup crew goes.

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    As an example,
    Steve Weast only has 20 turbo snails in his 850gal tank...

    More info on his tank... and critters

    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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