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    cyano and chemi-clean question?

    I have added the chemi-clean to my tank to rid me of the cyano. I just whanted to know how it works? I know that I have to do a 20% water change after the treatment but as far as the cyano goes, do I still have to remove it manually or does the chemi-clean completely disolve it. It has been 24 hours and the cyano is still there. It is not spreading but is visable. Should I get in there with the turkey baster and remove it or just be patient?

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    An aquarium may occasionally break out with an infestation of cyanobacteria, a slimy growth that grows more rapidly than algae. It may be green, blue, black or red in color. Unlike algae, cyanobacteria is extremely easy to remove but very difficult to control. Even if every bit is removed, it can quickly grow back in only a few days. Cyanobacteria thrives in well-lit aquariums that have excessive levels of phosphate in the water. Cyanobacteria can also plague marine aquariums in which the coral is cleaned frequently. In order to bring cyanobacteria under control, the aquarium must be cleaned thoroughly. The amount of light the tank receives is dramatically reduced for several weeks. An organic chemical such as Boyd's Chemi Clean is also added to the water to inhibit the growth of cyanobacteria. Several treatments may be necessary before the problem is brought under control.

    Sounds like reduce you lighting, continue to remove the cyano, and treat a few to several times.
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    so basically, I still have to remove the cyano even after adding the chemi-clean. It will not just disolve into the water and get removed by the skimmer. I can't reduce light because I have an anenome. well I guess it it time to start fishing again LOL

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