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    Formula 1

    I just bought some Formula 1 food. It is the first time I've used it in my tank. It is frozen. I wonder how I should add it to the tank. Do I just drop it in and let it sink to the bottom? Should I thaw it/rinse it ad then add it to the tank? I'm just not sure - how do others use it?

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    Forumla1 and Formula2 has Gel binders, which keeps the food together as opposed to other frozen cube preparations that come apart in the water.

    While still frozen, I chop it up into "bite-size" pieces for the fish, put it in a shotglass, and let it that 5 mins in aquarium water. I then pour it into the tank.

    Depending on how many fish you have, you may need as little as 1/2 a cube or more.
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    I just thaw mine out in a little water, and then stick a fork in there and whisk it up. It makes for pieces of all different sizes for all of the fish.

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    Thanks folks. I currently have a Coral Beauty (good appetite), 2 False Percs, a Firefish, and a smalll Royal Gramma. Would 1 cube at feeding be too much?

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