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    food for serpent sea star.

    I recently obtained a serpent sea star.....
    and I was wondering what to feed it.........
    the only food I have provided for him so far has been
    sinking shrimp pallets.....which is what I feed my fresh water
    bottom cleaners.........I find that he goes for them right away
    and somehow eats them.......One problem.......the sand is becoming quite I've been cleaning it to keep it clean.
    any suggestions as what to feed it....considering he never comes out of the rocks except to eat!!!!!!!!

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    It will eat about anything, including leftovers when I feed my fish.

    I also target feed mine once or twice a week to make sure he get's enough.

    Frozen brine, frozen krill, FD plancton are his favorites.

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    I feed mine shrimp pieces from a shrimp ring every few days

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