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Thread: Phyto plankton

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    Phyto plankton

    Is there any real benefit to feeding phyto plankton? I've heard that coral can benefit but I have not seen any real improvement in my Softies or LPS.

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    Its suppose to be the base of all marine life.

    Phyto gets eaten by zoo plankton which gets eaten by everything
    (stronger lights feeds more photosynthetic phytoplankton as well as photosynthetic corals)

    I always thought it was neat the the Whaleshark which grows to 50+ feet eats Plankton.
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    waste of money i think! and polutes the tank.

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    I feed phyto to my tank a couple of times a week. I think it helps a lot. Over the summer I was a little neglecting and I almost lost my Gorg and my mushrooms all shrunk! Since I started feeding again I can see a big improvement! JMO though

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