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    feeding seaweed (nori etc)

    Is it possible to overfeed seaweed? My tangs can not get enough of it. I am concerned I am over feeding. 2 Tangs and a strip of nori is gone in 10 mins.

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    It is possible to overfeed anything.
    just make sure that they are eating it all rather then it flaoting around free in the tank.
    If they are eating alot then you can only assume that they are pooping alot, and if your tank can't handle the load then they will be swimming in their own "$^%"

    They do love that stuff though
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    hahah they censored you man

    nori is very nutrious and tangs love its because its a natural source for them, i recommend going to chinese markets and buying them there

    i got pack of nori for sushi, 50 8x8 sheets for 2.99!

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