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    Red Slime Remover?

    I hear this stuff works good...
    whats the risks?

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    Gas jockey,
    This stuff works OK. It will quickly remove cyano, sometimes overnight as stated, but expect to see it come back if you don't find out what the root cause of your cyanobacteria is.
    Inadequate filtration? Overfeeding? Poor water quality? Overstocking?

    The problem with this stuff is that it will also kill beneficial bacteria. If used at to strong of a dose, it could launch your tank into a full blown cycle again.

    My advice, find out the cause of the problem, use Red Slime remover to get rid of the unsightly slime, and see if you were right about the problem.
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    ok i understand cool
    i hate that slimy algae
    my LFS has it in their tanks all the time
    so i think i might get it when i buy stuff
    tho i do a water change pretty(15%) much every 2nd week so i think it will control it...
    i was just wondering if it went out of control..
    wat would i do.. i was ponderin on buyin the red slime remover from BA
    just to have but i guess if i keep my tank clean and follow ur advice it'll b ok
    thanx a lot

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    dont stir up your sand bed...but increase the water flow across it.. gently remove it.. it should go away.

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    Does Red algae floress(sp) under moon glow LED?

    I have noticed that I have developed some bacteria that almost glows under the LED. kind of looks like embers or slag from the Sudbury nickel mine at night!
    What can this be?
    I tried to take a picture but my camera doesn't show it up.
    I have a lot of Patients

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