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Thread: red algae

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    red algae

    ive had this problem with red algae for about a month and its reall starting to become on eye soar. i have my cleaner crew i have two 1200 maxi jets and my skimmer working 24/7 and it just doesnt seem to go away if anyone has an answer that would be great oh ya its 120 gallon. im also in the process of builing a new hood with two 250 mh and 2 vho actinics and if lighting could be a problem, at this point any answer would be good

    jp :confused-

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    Red algae -- likely either Brown Diatom or Red Cyano Bacteria.

    Neither are fatal, but, are typicaly for new tanks.

    Likely causes:
    - Too high nutrient content
    - Phosphates and Silicates
    - Insufficient current

    Since it is a new setup you probably aren't feeding the tank, so, likely not the issue.

    Are you using tap water or RO/DI? Your source water could contain Silicates and Phosphates which in turn will feed the problem.

    Two MaxiJets -- even assuming 1200s -- are likely not providing enough flow for a 120 gallon tank. It is enought to mix the water and aerate to a certain extent, but, not enough long term. For a 120 consider a couple Seio 1100s or 1500s. Or at least a few more MaxiJets. Try to direct some current toward the problem areas -- not enough to blow the sand around, but, some current.
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