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    Good stores in the Hamilton Area?

    Does anyone know any good fish stores in the Hamilton area? Or even a website that will ship to Hamilton? If so plaese let me know. Thanks!

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    store in oakvilleakville reef galery(qew/dorvall),
    many places in mississauga to,pm me if you want more stores
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    sokol... there might be a few other members insterested aswell... think you could post them here?


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    ok her are places in mississauga:dragon aquarium(in chinese center next to big al),aquarium depo in brampton (runned from a house-north mississauga) dundas st e,tell them Robert refered you to them-good prices).oakville reef gallery.
    and I shouldnt forget Aaron at in guelph,spec. in cb seahorses.tell him I send you as well).
    any more ? let me know
    It's not a hobby,it's an obsession.

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