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Thread: ICK treatment

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    ICK treatment

    Seachem CUPRAMINE
    6 weeks in QT and it's all gone for SURE and for GOOD !
    Kent RX-P is mostly JUNK,did not work for me.
    Good luck!!!

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    A little info on the product

    Cupramine™ effectively eradicates ectoparasite of both freshwater and marine fish. It has all the advantages of copper sulfate and chelated copper, but not the disadvantages.

    Like copper sulfate, it is fully ionic and effective at low concentrations. The cupric (Cu+2) charge is fully active. Like chelates, it is safe for fish and it is not precipitated in the filter bed. Unlike both, there is more than a 4x concentration gap between the minimal therpeutic dose and the toxic dose. Unlike copper salts, it is stable in the aquarium, and, unlike chelates, it is easily removed by chemical filtration.

    Unlike other copper products, it is both highly effective and safe in freshwater as well as marine water.

    It does not damage the filter bed. Cupramine™ contains 10,000 mg/L of copper.

    - 100ml Treats 500 Gallons - 250ml Treats 1,250 Gallons - 2 Litres Treats 10,000 Gallons

    Caution: Turn off your UV sterilizer while treating with Cupramine. UV will break up the ionic bond in Cuprimine; causing it to be much more toxic. Do not use with invertebrates

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    IMHO it's the defacto standard for copper treatment, but if you're going to use it I highly recommend you have a copper test kit to make sure you're at the correct levels.

    Therapeutic levels start at 0.2 ppm, it becomes toxic around 0.8 ppm,Seachem recommends maintaining a level of 0.5ppm. That should re-enforce the idea of you getting a copper test kit

    I know IJO carries them, I just don't see them listed. (temp. out of stock?)

    You should also read the FAQ:

    There's a debate about the effects of copper on the fauna living in a tang's digestive system. The short of it is, copper kills it & without it the tang will starve to death even if it's eating like ... a tang. If there's another, healthy, untreated tang in the display with the freshly treated on, the treated tang can get the fauna back, I won't dwell on the details.

    Copper is also hard on anything in the shark family, it's generally recommended (despite what Seachem suggests) that you do not use copper on sharks & rays.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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