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    Hudson's Tank (Australia)

    Just found this site on a Friday afternoon and thought that joining your community rather than actually working would be more enjoyable. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been into marine aquariums on and off for the past 30 years. Married with 2 young kids I recently decided to set up a 4 foot mixed reef for my little boy (well at least thats what I told my wife). Hudson (3yo) is a little young to fully understand the complexities of a stable SW system but is learning fast and has a major say in what goes in and what comes out.

    I also have a 6ft system in the making which will be Ashleigh's tank (my 5yo). I'll post its specs at a later date.

    Hudson's Tank
    4ft mini reef system
    Basic air lift skimmer
    6x4ft flouros
    Tunze Stream Kit

    The side on view (not as clean as I would like)

    A few of the current inhabitants.

    I look forward to learning how things are done over there and joining in your discussions. You may like to also check out the Australian equivalent to this site at,1/

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    Very Nice tank and critters. Your lucky its Friday afternoon there cause we still have to work the whole day inorder to call it afternoon Oh and your also lucky cause Australia is where they make Mad Max Cars!

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    Welcome to Aquaria Canada.
    Great picutres and a beautiful tank. Hmmm.. I wonder if my wife would let me set up another tank...for the kids of course.

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    Very nice pictures. The tank look awsome. :wink5:
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    First off:

    Nice setup.

    The big difference here is we put water in the top of our tanks, but, you fellers have to set your tanks facing down. :speedbana

    I'm guessing at least some of you livestock has come from the GBR.

    So, what's under the hood? Sump, gear, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fordy2110
    6x4ft flouros

    The side on view (not as clean as I would like)
    What type of flourescent bulbs are you using to get your corals that large!??!?! Here I am using Metal

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    what sort of shrimp is that? spectacular tank friend!
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    Tell Hudson he has done a really nice job on the tank. Everything looks very healthy and colourful. Nice job kiddo. :wink5:

    We used to have another Aussie on Aquaria. Her name was Fiffany, but it seems it's been a while since she posted.

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    Welcome to the club Mate

    Welcome mate.........
    you got a beautiful tank downunder...
    One q question...........are some of the fish you got. or that nice critter........native of australia?
    meaning you guys got the barrier reef down I would assume it would be easier to find fish species at LFS .........
    Sorry for my ignorance.!!!!!!!!Just thought I ask.

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    Beautiful tank with beautiful tenants!

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