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Thread: Newbie here

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    Newbie here

    Hello, I have actually not been to this forum before and decided to check it out when redbelly mentioned it to me. Probably about 80% of my stock came from him. I started this hobby back in January of this year with a 14g nano, then moved up to a 30, then a 75 which is about 4 - 5 months old now.
    Anyways, just thought I would start by sharing my system.

    My main tank:

    75g Reeftank

    Specs for this tank:
    Model - Marineland (Perfecto), Standard Tank
    75 Gallon with 30 gallon sump (soon to be 38) and 10 gallon top-off.
    48" Tek Light T5 Fixture - 4-Bulb, 4 x 54W with GEISMANN HO T5 lamps and is made by SUNLIGHT SUPPLY
    Philips 10,000k spiral flourescent on the sump.
    Mag-Drive 9.5 return pump, MaxiJet 1200 (sump), 3 MaxiJet 1200s in the display tank.
    30 gallon sump with 1" of live sand (recently removed), 20lbs of LR, and growing a big ball of cheato. 1" drain, drilled by M&T glass. Bulkhead from BigAls. I built the coast to coast overflow with 1/4" cast acrylic that I got from canus plastics.
    Tunze 9005 protien skimmer in the sump.
    80lbs of Aragonite.
    Live Rock:
    100lbs mixed. Fiji, Indo, Haitian.
    Ultralife Reef Products 10 amp reversible reed float switch.
    2X 150W heaters in the sump.
    10 gallon top-off tank now in place.
    400W back-up Power supply
    5 stage RO/DI unit. 75 gpd.
    This tank has been set up and running with distilled water since day 1. As of july 07 I have starting switching over to RO water.

    My newest tank, well my daughters really. She is 3 so I am looking after it for her

    8.8g nano reef.

    My daughters first tank.

    Specs for this tank:
    Model - 8.8 gallon generic nano tank (designed for freshwater setup)
    8.8 Gallon
    I have removed the stock freshwater lighting setup and replaced it with:
    1-9watt Coral life True Actinic 03 blue compact flourescent lamp
    1-9watt Coral life 10,000K daylight compact flourescent lamp
    2X external ballasts
    Cooling Fans:
    1X 80mm PC fan that I cut a hole and mounted in the lid.
    Pump Flow Rate:
    no pumps as of yet.
    Live Rock is the only filtration on this tank. I cut another hole in the lid and hung an aquaclear 20 on the back which is full of live rock. It adds flow, airation, and more live rock to the system. Kind of like a 1/4 gallon sump
    10lbs of live sand from Fiji.
    Live Rock:
    5lbs, there is also a peice of custom base rock in this tank that is huge and covers the entire back wall.

    ... and of course ... pics ..

    and of course I cannot leave out my favourite fish ...

    ...and a shot of the nano ... I Need to update pics here as its changing fast.


    feel free to check out my blog, or many many other pics at my site. You can find it in my profile as I dont have 5 posts yet so cannot post URLs :P

    Hope you enjoy the pics
    75g reeftank/38g sump. 8g nano.

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    to AquariaCanada!
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    Hi! and Welcome to aquariacanada!!!

    Nice Pics btw, do you mind me asking but what type of camera do you use???

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    Great job... love the custom rock work!!

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    Welcome to the clan!! Once you start you can't get out :P

    So welcome to AC!!

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    nice pics, the tanks look great and i love that super long overflow in the first pic.

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

    Return Pump: Little Giant 4-MDQX SC
    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

    My Gallery

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    Thank you all :b16: ... and the cam is a canon SD750 and its a piece of garbage so don't buy one. The only good thing about it is the underwater setting which will auto adjust for white balance. Everything else is crap.

    As for the custom rockwork, that would be compliments of one of your sponsors ...... Ottawa Inverts aka. redbelly aka. Pat :b7:
    75g reeftank/38g sump. 8g nano.

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    oops .. posted in the wrong place :P
    75g reeftank/38g sump. 8g nano.

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    tank looks great and you gotta love the saddle backs! i had 1 in my 100 gal and loved him.. best personality. i am thinking of getting a pair for my 29 gal now!

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    Welcome to aquariacanada! Your tank looks great!

    Quote Originally Posted by bigtyguyy View Post
    gotta love the saddle backs!!
    I don't think those are saddle backs...
    225g SSB display, World Fish Custom Sump/Fuge/Filter, H&S A250-2X1260, h&S sulphur reactor, Reeflo Dart 3600g return on a wavy sea plus, 4X Tunze 6101, Deltec PF600, Octopus 3000, Aquazone Ozone 100,
    Lights: 2X250W 10K XMs, 1X400W10K XM, 6XT5s Al lights controlled by AC Jr.

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