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    New to forum

    I'm new to the forum. I posted the picture of the tank I have at

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    are you serious! all the way from SAN JOSE COSTA RICO.
    Well lets just say HOLY COW! that is awsome. how did you here about AC? very nice to have you aboard and welcome. I think you'll find this site extremely helpful and user friendly.

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    Welcome to AC ggallegos!! I've edited your post to show the picture in the thread... like Johnny was saying... Costa Rica? WOW...


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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    I found the site looking for illumination information. I have had some problems with it. I hope I can fix that this weekend. No doubt I enjoying the site. Lots of information and lots of aquarist. I just regret we have nothing like this in our country. Will be posting new pictures and comments soon.
    G. Gallegos
    San Jose, Costa Rica

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